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Feisty Fried Cumin Hummus

Today I am excited to share with you quite possibly the best hummus I have ever had - yup, it's that good. Now, if you like cumin, this recipe will seriously hit the spot. Packed with the goodness and flavour punch of fresh lemon, garlic, and parsley, this intensely flavourful dip will have you wondering how you ever made it any other way!

Feisty Fried Cumin Hummus

(2.5) tsp cumin seeds
(2) tbsp olive oil
(4) cups cooked chickpeas
(4) tbsp sesame tahini
(6-8) tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
(2) medium cloves fresh garlic, peeled
(2) tsp good sea salt
(1/2) cup good olive oil
(1/2) cup fresh parsley (not packed)
up to (1/2) cup of cold water

    Start with the cumin seeds and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. In a medium frying pan, heat the olive oil on medium heat until hot. Add the cumin seeds whole and cook, stirring pretty much constantly, for 1 minute. The seeds should turn a dark brown and become beautifully fragrant - just be careful not to burn them! It is best to stay fully present (as in, in the moment, hard sometimes) while doing this step, or you could end up with a smoke-filled kitchen (unless you like that sort of thing).

    Remove the seeds to a bowl and allow the hot oil from the pan to follow. Set aside. In a blender or food processor, combine 2 teaspoons of the cumin seeds with all the remaining ingredients except the water - reserving the last half teaspoon or so of seeds for garnish. Blend on high until well mixed and smooth (and crazy good).

    If using a blender, add the additional water as the blender runs and agitate the mixture with a spatula (careful of those blades!). Use only enough water to get the mixture churning nicely and to facilitate better blending. For those using a food processor, feel free to add enough water to reach desired consistency.Taste to adjust seasonings and remove into a container or serving dish. This hummus is best served a little colder or after sitting in the fridge for (just a little) while.Before serving or storing, garnish the top with the remaining fried seeds and a nice splash or drizzle of additional oil.

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