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Shop well, eat well.

The following is a list of pantry items that I use most often in my recipes. As with most folks who enjoy cooking, or simply do it a lot out of necessity, there are certain ingredients I seem to use repeatedly – and never, ever get tired of.

This is thankfully due to a preference for cooking and eating simply, and also in an effort to keep trips to the grocery store both manageable expense-wise, but also, time-wise. If there's anything I've learned throughout the years is that keeping it simple pays off in the grocery store and in the kitchen.

Shopping for a household, or even just for one, week in and week out can be tough, and staying inspired is a challenge too.

No one should have to spend obscene amounts of money just to collect ingredients for that one new recipe you want to try, especially with the cost of good ingredients these days as food prices keep going up.

So I try to keep the re-stocks to a minimum – list making even more so. If I hit the grocery store without a plan, you can bet these are the staples you will find in my grocery cart.

Add to that a few fresh produce items, dairy, fresh bread & eggs, and I’ve got everything we need to eat well for days. Keep this list handy and you'll always have what you need to make my recipes. Happy shopping, cooking, and eating!

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