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Easy Recipe: Vegan Banana Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Here we are again, home safe and sound! We were super fortunate to have been off to Hawaii for just over a week, and now we are back. Of course, it never ceases to amaze me the speed at which life goes by, even with the pace that seemed to putter on while we were away. Time. It's a really funny (and wonderfully beautiful) thing. Upon return, that lovely post-holiday-rested-feeling is still with me, and now is the time to address some nagging tasks that got caught in the last few months on a stagnant note. All those things that (once again) seem to get shoved off to the side while I make way for the fun stuff.

I really don't mean to get distracted.....and it is times like this make me remember one of my favourite Ani DiFranco quotes from one of her live albums, Living in Clip. One of her fans was asking her whether her (then) recent writing style was a reflection on her moving away from her normally politically charged frame of mind - to which she responded - 'No man, it's just....I got distracted'.

Vegan Banana Chocolate Macadamia Cookies | In Pursuit of More

For me, it's because I am guilty of loving beauty. I love creating it, sharing it, and in turn, enjoying that which other people share too. I am surely guilty of becoming distracted by pretty shiny things. I admit it, it's true. Appreciating the simple and the good in life is a task which takes time, and I am guilty of having enjoyed my time away to the greatest of my capability.

The shot above is a photo I took of macadamia nuts still on the tree at Jason & Kollette's organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii high above the blue, blue ocean. These macadamia nuts are grown by nature encased in this beautiful green husk, and when ready, they fall to the ground for harvesters to bend down and pick by one. From there, they are husked and laid flat to dry in the sun for two weeks before being cracked and dehydrated with or without a little salt. I've been known to treat myself to a shipment of these amazing and highly nutritious nuts once or twice a year since I first discovered them on a trip to Hawaii 3 years ago......they are special and worth every single penny. If you are a mac nut lover like me, I can't recommend this treat enough as you will not be disappointed. They ship everywhere in the US and Canada, and it is so worth mentioning they were kind enough to give me a tour in the middle of juggling 3 kids and a busy farm during spring break. It was so, so amazing (and we had a blast).

To me, beauty and hard work go together, as surely we can't appreciate one without the other and vice versa. Here is a little treat I whipped up in Hawaii with two homegrown delights right from the island. These cookies are sinfully easy to make and about as clean as it gets when it comes to baking (I found the banana cookie base recipe on Pinterest - love that place). Easy, fast, vegan, gluten-free, and full of clean-burning energy.

Vegan Banana Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies:

  • (2) ripe bananas, peeled
  • (1) cup quick oats
  • (1/2- 1) cup chopped chocolate or chocolate chips (I used a chopped Lindt 70% bar)
  • (1/2 to 1) cup chopped raw macadamia nuts (or any nuts or seeds)
  • (1) pinch salt

Heat the oven to 350 degrees and prepare a flat baking tray. In a bowl, mush up the two peeled bananas to a very mashed consistency with a fork, and then add the cup of oats. Mix well with your hands. Add the chopped nuts, chocolate, and salt and mix well with your hands again until well incorporated.

Again with your hands, shape the cookies into small rounds, about 2 inches in diameter. Repeat until done - you should have about 12-14 little cookies. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes - you may oil the baking tray a little with some coconut butter or vegetable oil, but I didn't and they turned out just fine. Allow to cool and enjoy! These little bundles of energy made the perfect treat on a day that we completed an epic hike together as a family. One little cookie and we were back and ready to climb!

Vegan Banana Chocolate Macadamia Cookies | In Pursuit of More

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