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Zoom Organic Sifted Marquis Wheat Flour
Zoom Organic Sifted Marquis Wheat Flour

Organic Sifted Marquis Wheat Flour

$18.95 CAD

We're so excited to offer this special wheat variety in limited quantities. Marquis Wheat is a close relative to Red Fife but this crop is higher in protein and makes for exceptional bread baking. It was the bread wheat of choice in the early 1900's.

Marquis blends the strength and performance of our Sifted Red Spring with the deep flavour of Red Fife. It also is lower in the allergenic component of gluten than modern wheats. Which means it performs very well in bread baking but is easier for people with gluten sensitivity to digest.

Important details:
Grain type: Organic Marquis Wheat
Application: Bread, Pastry, Pizza Dough
Origin: Vonda, SK
Farmer: Marc Loiselle
Extraction Rate: 80%
Protein: 13.5%
Size: 2KG

Our hand-crafted Austrian stone mill slowly and gently crushes grain at a low temperature, a process that produces beautiful, aromatic, nutritious and delicious flour.

Our sifted flours are passed through fine screens to remove the larger bran and germ particles leaving beautiful, soft and richly textured flour.

We recommend storing our fresh flours in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness. New to our flour or looking for more resources? Read our Beginner's Guide to Flourist Flour here.

Organic and non GMO.

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