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Feisty Fried Cumin Hummus

Wear your ego like a loose fitting garment. Buddha

The weekend is soon upon us (yay!) and we are looking forward to spending a quiet weekend here at home. The teenager is gone on a camping trip, and the little one is done school for the year. Time to stop. And enjoy. Sometimes nothing beats the promise of a few days around the house, enjoying the hard work it takes to make your house a true home.

I’ve shared with you all about my recent attempts to free up some space and remove a portion of mental clutter by clearing out closet space, or the basement, or just our minds. This weekend I am looking forward to seizing the opportunity to enjoy that extra space. I can feel the relaxation already…can you? 😉

Today I am excited to share with you quite possibly the best hummus I have ever had – yup, it’s that good. Now, if you like cumin, this recipe will seriously hit the spot. If you don’t (or just aren’t sure), this is almost guaranteed to turn you onto it (IMO). It’s that seriously serious about it’s flavour. And it’s just that feisty too. Packed with the goodness and flavour punch of fresh lemon, garlic, and parsley, this intensely flavourful dip will have you wondering how you ever made it any other way!

Feisty Fried Cumin Hummus:

~ Recipe can easily be halved for a single serving

(2.5) tsp cumin seeds
(2) tbsp olive oil
(4) cups cooked chickpeas, I always recommend GRAIN chickpeas from scratch
(4) tbsp sesame tahini
(6-8) tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
(2) medium cloves fresh garlic, peeled
(2) tsp good sea salt
(1/2) cup good olive oil
(1/2) cup fresh parsley (not packed)
up to (1/2) cup of cold water

Start with the cumin seeds and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. In a medium frying pan, heat the olive oil on medium heat until hot. Add the cumin seeds whole and cook, stirring pretty much constantly, for 1 minute. The seeds should turn a dark brown and become beautifully fragrant – just be careful not to burn them! It is best to stay fully present (as in, in the moment, hard sometimes) while doing this step, or you could end up with a smoke-filled kitchen (unless you like that sort of thing).

Remove the seeds to a bowl and allow the hot oil from the pan to follow. Set aside. In a blender or food processor, combine 2 teaspoons of the cumin seeds with all the remaining ingredients except the water – reserving the last half teaspoon or so of seeds for garnish. Blend on high until well mixed and smooth (and crazy good).

If using a blender, add the additional water as the blender runs and agitate the mixture with a spatula (careful of those blades!). Use only enough water to get the mixture churning nicely and to facilitate better blending. For those using a food processor, feel free to add enough water to reach desired consistency.Taste to adjust seasonings and remove into a container or serving dish. This hummus is best served a little colder or after sitting in the fridge for (just a little) while.Before serving or storing, garnish the top with the remaining fried seeds and a nice splash or drizzle of additional oil.

87 responses to “Feisty Fried Cumin Hummus

  1. I love the idea of adding the freshly roasted cumin seeds and the oil they cooked in, sounds delicious! And I see that you are way ahead of me on scooping with the romaine leaves. 🙂

    1. Ha! Did you post that tweet before reading this? That’s just so awesome that we are SO on the same page with that Emmy..bizarre! And totally not surprising 🙂

  2. That looks delicious, Shira. I love making my own hummus and you’ll be glad to hear that one of my favourite things to add to homemade hummus is cumin. It just works so incredibly well. Perhaps I should do another hummus recipe for my blog :D. I wonder if I have any chickpeas in the cupboard… I could go to the shops before Wimbledon starts for the day. Hmm. You’ve actually given me the cooking bug – something I wasn’t going to do today. How dare you 😀

    1. Sorry my friend! Though I could never really feel bad about inspiring anyone to get in the kitchen – could I? 😉
      Post a hummus! I’d love to see that!

  3. Oh wow. Cumin is one of my absolute favourites and everyone loves hummus. Will be trying to soon, thank you.

  4. Shira this looks fabulous! cumin is one of my fav spices — its spicy, but not hot! warm spicy:) i love the before and after pic of the cumin seeds — very cool. I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend! i enjoy some good alone time too:) A good time to think — or listen to Justin Bieber:) hahahaha

  5. mmm, I love toasted cumin seeds! I usually eat them in kitchari, but they sound like a great addition to hummus – kind of felafel-y?! I’m off to France on Sunday – have to be up at the crack of dawn (or before that, rather…) but it will be worth it to get some sun! As always, amazing recieps and pics 🙂

      1. I have a feeling I will be too!!! Cumin is hands down my favorite spice, now that I have this recipe, we’re getting married.

        1. I almost couldn’t believe how much I loved this. It was like the hummus gods were shining on me. Tried before with the pre-ground cumin (as I am sure we all have) but it was nothing compared to this! I hope you love it as much as I do!

  6. I love the idea of making my own hummus. I love this recipe, and it looks delicious. Enjoy your alone time with your bowl of veggies and hummus!! This weekend I will be working (boo) but hope to spend time with friends and family! Have a great weekend!

  7. beautiful!!! and I absolutely LOVE your posts. . everything that goes into them. . the photos, the food, the presentation. just beautiful. My husband makes a pretty awesome hummus but I will definitely try this one, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad! Happy to have met via the wonderful blogosphere – you can’t mess with a husband who makes hummus, you are a lucky girl!

      1. I have a “Pin It” button that I downloaded myself so I can pin stuff that way but if you have it there, your readers can pin your recipes easily. . and your stuff is definitely Pinterest worthy for sure!

        1. Thanks Alice! I’ll look into it! I guess I take for granted the PInterest thing as I’ve got the ‘pin it’ option on my toolbar so I can pin anything anytime – not that I do – I always forget! I’ll see what I can find, happy PInning!

    1. I know Richa! I’ve been enjoying it in rice so much – that was where I got the idea, we have similar tastes for sure!
      You have a great weekend too 🙂

  8. Ooooh! A feisty hummus! That’s my kind of hummus and I actually have cumin seeds at the moment and we ran out of hummus last night (it’s a staple in our house). I think I know what I’ll be doing later! 🙂

    Have a great weekend at home- those weekends are the best kind! xoxo

  9. Awesome recipe Shira. I’m going to make this today. One question about measurements – is a tbs 15ml or 20ml equivalent? In Australia it’s 20ml. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cathy! Great question – without googling it I’m not sure for certain, but I do believe 1/4 cup is roughly 4 tbsp here, so for the lemon juice and tahini you could start with that – 1/4 cup of tahini and up to 1/2 cup of lemon juice (if you like zing like I do!) I hope that helps! Good luck! 😉

  10. I can absolutely feel the relaxation coming at me already! Too bad I still have to work for the next four hours… 🙂 That hummus sounds great–the toasted cumin seeds must offer so much flavor! Love it.

  11. oh, baby oh. if hummus were a person, it just might be my lover. haha thanks for sharing this recipe! i’m a sucker for good o’l traditional hummus, but i love all the other fun flavors, too!

    1. Hummus would make an ideal lover I think 😉 Especially since it is so good at role playing, y’know? Haha! Have a great weekend Madison!

    1. I am about to! Friday night and it’s not raining! We are headed out to the neighborhood high street for a glass and a bite 🙂 We’ll be right alongside you even with the distance! Cheers!

          1. And, *clink* to your cool comment on the Yoga as Olympic Sport article! Just read it – made me smile wide knowing you understood my POV 🙂 Thanks for the support Shira, always!

  12. What a gorgeous recipe! I like hummus but I don’t actually eat it very often. I’ll get into a phase with it where I eat it all the time for a week, then I forget about it. I really want to try this one though- cumin is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE spice!

    I love your idea that more intensity in flavourings means more satisfaction with less food. That’s so true! I’m really working hard at mindful eating and I’m finding that as long as I am present when I eat and I’m eating good food, I need so much less!

    Hope you enjoyed your time alone and Happy Canada Day 🙂

    1. So true about being mindful Gabby – way to go! SUCH an important approach to food, perhaps the single biggest way to impact the way we eat – I’d love to hear how you progress with that 🙂
      Happy Canada Day friend! xo

  13. Oh glory! I have all this stuff, I just bought cumin seeds this week ‘just in case’ and now I can make super feisty hummus. It looks divine, it’s past midnight here but I could get up and make some…

  14. I absolutely love cumin and have never tried a cumin scented hummes before, teh crusty bread hummus combo looks so amazing!

    We love spicy red pepper, olive or jalapeno hummus!

    1. Thanks Ishita! This hummus is so seriously good – thanks to the Middle East and it’s delicious food!! Cherry on the pie for sure! 😉

  15. Hummus is one of my favorite things to have on hand Shira. I always toast my fennel, coriander and cumin seeds before grinding them for the hummus. The depth of flavor that gets added by that one simple step is fantastic. But I’ve never fried cumin seeds to add on top. I need to try that!! Cumin is one of the best spices ever “invented”! xox

      1. Yes,I dry roast in a little skillet til fragrant and lightly browned, then grind. (Usually for any savory dish that I use those spices in, I’ll toast and grind before adding. Especially love it in hummus!) But I’m adding some fried cumin on top next time too! 🙂

  16. Ever since seeing this post on hummus Shira, I’ve had a fierce craving for it…it wasn’t going to be quiet until I gave in to it. Lunch today included hummus the way I usually made it (with the toasted spices) and then YOUR fried cumin in olive oil on top. It was a beaautifully fragrant and delicious marriage of the two! And so it is written, “thus it shall always be.” 🙂 I’m still licking my chops and may need to go back for another spoonful…just to be sure, you understand. Xox

      1. Checkmark! I will report back! And I forgot – all of this magic is coming out of your new kitchen, yes? Did I read correctly it is ready? If so….I hope you are LOVING it! 🙂

    1. Wonderful Spree! This just made my day, it sounds as though we’ve just collaborated on a most perfect hummus – I’ll be giving this a go soon! Maybe over the weekend in this, and yes, I so understand! xox

  17. Hi Shira, I think I have a food crush on you!! I haven’t stopped cooking your recipes for the past two weeks. I’m at least a dozen recipes in and can’t stop! Just made this hummus, and my 22 month old and I have been eating it out of the food processor with a spoon! Fantastic!! I’m over in Australia and am so glad google found you when I was searching for clean eating recipes. Keep up the passion I’m loving it! Ps not only are your recipes brilliant but I really like how you set out your blogs with quotes and photos. Pps I have a blog I recently started if I can share the favour back it’s on WordPress called modern vegetarian housewife. Cheers, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! This is just the sweetest comment and totally made my day – so glad to have you along and enjoying the recipes (your young one too!) – thank you for the link to your blog as well -cheers! XO 🙂

  18. Shira,

    I am so delighted to have come across your blog via Instagram. A girl who loves French lentils as much as I do!!
    I know what my evening tonight will hold! I can’t wait to try is this hummus, sounds divine.
    Thank you for the clean eating inspiration.



    1. Thank you Kaeli! Honestly, isn’t social media wonderful? We must be soul-mates cause I’ve never met someone with so much obvious passion for french must be meant to be! Thank you and enjoy the hummus! xx

  19. Ok, it’s about time I left my review for this recipe: UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! This hummus has become a regular in my kitchen. I’ve brought it to parties and it has been a HIT even among meat-and-potato loving crowds. Sometimes I add ground cumin, sometimes I sub in roasted garlic, or add smoked chipotle hot sauce, but always this recipe is killer. My favorite hummus EVER! I won’t tell you how much I usually eat straight out of the food processor with a spoon….but suffice it to say, I can’t get enough of this. Thanks Shira!!

    1. Becca! I love this! I am so happy to hear this is such a hit — I am like you and eat out of the blender too 🙂 Hope you are well!

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