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Thai Vegetable Slaw with Sriracha, Lime & Nut Butter Dressing

If you had told me two years ago that I’d be sitting right here, coffee in hand with the day laid out ahead of me, I can guarantee that I would not have believed you, because, well, it would have just been a little too crazy to think about. If you’ve been reading this blog here of mine for a while, then you’d know the usual progression that has been made (along with all of you lovely blogging friends) of a passion project that has meandered on to be a part of my life that I never could have expected.

What started as a quest for purpose has brought that and more, including a family that has grown along with it and  few new, though sparse, (and still very pluckable) grey hairs too. The past few months have brought quiet, some uncomfy bits of stillness, and a whole lot of clarity to just what it is that makes me tick.

Turns out balance and tension are good things to have, and I’m pretty stoked to see the return of my creative sessions along with my newly christened workload (more to come). I know I said back here that I would no longer use the word busy, but if, suppose I was going to say it, it would be in the very bestest of ways. So with that, stay tuned this spring for some fun stuff that I’ll be sharing. Planting a garden is one, and growing some food in it is another, along with continuing to create and share the things that I love. Sounds not too bad hey? Most of all though, I’m beyond blessed that I will continue to work towards better, leaner, and cleaner ways of living, not just for me, but for everyone around me that shows up here in this space every week (love you guys so much).

So welcome to new readers, and those who come back each and every week or so to share with me! The year is off with a bang. Here’s a fiercely flavourful raw salad creation to wow your senses and fill your tummy with fiber. I’ve been enjoying a lot of raw food lately, as my belly always tells me gently when to give it a break from any heaviness. I try to do my part and listen as there is no better expert than nature when it comes to the right way…

Light belly. Light mind. Light vibes. Let the light shine in all of you too! Hope you are healthy, well, and thriving as this New Year takes us away….enjoy the week friends! xo

Thai Vegetable Slaw with Sriracha, Lime & Nut Butter Dressing:

Adapted from The Fresh Energy Cookbook

  • (1) medium zucchini, julienned or chopped thin
  • (1) medium carrot, peeled and julienned
  • (2) cup shredded purple cabbage
  • (1) cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • (1/3/ cup sliced radishes
  • (1) cup loosely packed basil or Thai basil, if available
  • (1) handful of fresh cilantro leaves
  • (1.5) cups Sriracha Lime & Nutter Butter Dressing
Sriracha Lime & Nutter Butter Dressing:
  • (1/4) cup tahini, almond, or pumpkin seed butter (I used pumpkin seed)
  • (1) tablespoon of tamarind paste (available in South Asian stores)
  • (1/2) cup warm water
  • (1) tbsp Sriracha hot sauce
  • (3) tsp maple syrup
  • (3) tsp Bragg, Tamari or soy sauce
  • (1) lime, juiced and zested

To create the dressing, combine all of the ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth. Pour into a clean container or bowl and set aside.

This salad is super fresh & easy to make, and once you nail down the dressing variation you like the best, can be made in minutes with whatever you have on hand. To shred or cut the veggies here you could use a spiralizer for the carrots & zucchini if you like, or simply cut them as thinly by hand as you can. Of course, if you have a mandolin, go to town and make them as thin as you can.

Start by washing and cutting the zucchini, carrot, cabbage & radishes. Toss them all together in a large bowl and add the chopped cherry tomatoes, cut basil, and cilantro leaves just before serving. When ready to eat, pour the dressing over the veggies and toss lightly until just coated. Enjoy as a light lunch for 2-3 or as a side to a heartier main course.

You won’t be able to help smiling as you eat this with all that colour and raw vibrations! This salad is best enjoyed right away, but if needed, leftovers will keep for a day, though the veggies and tomatoes will lose their crispness. If you are making this for yourself, I would definitely suggest processing the veggies and keeping them in the fridge undressed. When you want to eat, simply add the dressing to your serving just before, and voila! Healthy food in minutes when you don’t feel up to washing & cutting.Thai Vegetable Slaw with Sriracha, Lime & Nut Butter Dressing

24 responses to “Thai Vegetable Slaw with Sriracha, Lime & Nut Butter Dressing

  1. Happy to be your 3rd commenter in order to add another twist to names beginning with Ann- ;).

    This is delicious and fresh looking and I absolutely love filling up on meals that are just veggie packed yet soaring with flavour. I am adding this to my to-make list for sure! I am surprisingly not a fan of sriracha (I assumed I’d love it but it’s just not something that gets me going) but this dressing sounds like it’ll be flavourful enough without it I assume. If you have a suggested alternative though, let me know!

  2. This looks great but just letting you know that you have radishes in the picture but not listed in the ingredients for the salad!

  3. What an awesome journey for you–your story is really inspiring, and I was thinking of your blog just the other day when I was trying to recall just what blogs really have a defining, unique, and stand-out purpose. Something to aspire to–and this salad is so vibrant, it matches your purpose perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tank you Ala! What a lovely comment to end this lovely week – really appreciate your supportive words and happy to have you think of me and the blog! x

  4. I cannot get enough tahini lately and actually bought some tamarind recently for some recipe testing I’m doing! This dressing sounds like the perfect way to use some and get my tahini fix 🙂

    So happy your life is so full of goodness right now!

  5. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement for the tamarind paste? There are no asian markets in my area and I haven’t been able to find it in the grocery stores. Thanks!

    1. Hi Allison! You could leave the tamarind paste if you can’t find it, it will still be delicious! Perhaps adding soaked date for sweetness is an idea but I think you are safe without it! Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I’ll be making it for dinner tonight! Just to let you know that I made your brussel sprouts, tofu noodle bowl the other day. It was super tasty! Thanks for the recipe. I discovered your blog through your contribution to the Keepin It Kind’s cookie swap. I have really enjoyed trying out your recipes and reading your blog.

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