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Lime Zest & Sundried Tomato Hummus

One of the great things about classics is they really never go out of style. Just this week, I got chatting about recipe ideas with a good friend, and mentioned to her that I’d been thinking of ways to round out the recipe offering here on the blog. We had a bit of a laugh at what is not surprising in the least: that the lineup on the recipe page best reflects my own personal eating style. Not a shock at all, I know.

It just so happens that what inspires me most when it comes to food are things like salad (never-ending salads), anything that uses kale, smoothies, heartier dinner dishes for feeding loved ones, and dips. Lots of dips. So here we go again, with a new and fresh take on the classic hummus.But while we are on the topic, I thought I’d throw it out there that if there is anything you’d like to see as readers, I am always all ears. It is often so tempting when the creative juices are flowing to want to do it all, and there are times when I wish I had a food processor (haven’t had for years), and definitely times when I want a Vitamix to whip up some of the fun stuff like raw desserts & ice creams. But the truth is, that’s not why I started coming here each week in the first place. I came seeking simplicity through needing less, and I tell you not a day goes by that I miss cleaning up my food processor after each and every creative session in the kitchen (those were the waaaaay old days and they were often EPIC).

Every time I post a recipe, I hope that anyone will be inspired into the kitchen, even if it is just one person. Not everyone has access to fancy blenders and expensive appliances (as truly awesome as they are), and I do really want to stay mindful of that. That being said, there is no substitute for good gear, and I think I am seeing a new blender in my future very soon (it’s really just getting to be time). I will definitely keep you all posted (it’s Vitamix I think all the way), but here is another fantastically fresh take on hummus – the best I’ve had in a while. I’ve no doubt it will whip up in seconds in a food processor, but rest assured it will turn out just as well in a 20-year-old Osterizer (they really don’t make those things like the used to). It’s really all about the love that goes into it anyways, and I know there’s plenty of that out there to go around. I’m right, right? xo

Lime Zest & Sun-dried Tomato Hummus:
(2) cups cooked chickpeas, (1) 19 oz. can should do
(2) tbsp tahini
(1) small shallot, chopped (or 1 clove garlic)
(1/2) cup oil packed sun-dried tomatoes
(3) tbsp fresh lime juice
(1) tbsp freshly grated lime zest
(1) tsp salt
(1/4) cup olive oil
up to (1/2) cup water, to use as needed to facilitate blending

Start by draining and rinsing the chickpeas well in a colander with cold water. If cooking your own from scratch, about 3/4 cup of dry beans should yield the right amount cooked – simply soak for 8-12 hours, rinse, and boil in water to cover until soft, about 60-75 minutes. Combine all of the ingredients in the blender or food processor except water and blend until smooth, using a spatula to facilitate blending. If using the blender, add the water as needed until it gets moving. Blend until smooth and silky. Transfer the hummus to a container or a clean jar and store in the refrigerator.

In my next post, I’ll share with you my recent contribution to a beach picnic, which incorporates this yummy hummus into a deliciously raw wrap as seen below. Easy peasy finger food that’s filling, healthy, and leaves you feeling great.


32 responses to “Lime Zest & Sundried Tomato Hummus

  1. I would bet that you inspire more than just one person to get into the kitchen! For the sake of your hopes, you definitely inspire me. I’ve never made my own hummus before, but this one sure looks delicious!

  2. Shira, this looks and sounds delicious!! With getting the house ready to put on the market, I haven’t been taking much time for cooking in any way, shape or form. Lots of meals are raw, but not raw as in prepared raw, just raw–fruit and veggies washed, cut and trimmed if needed, and plopped on my plate with some sort of protein and grain. A smoothie shows up pretty much every day. My favorite is a banana (frozen or not), berries (frozen or not), some peanut butter, vegan protein power,ground flax seed, cinnamon, and baby kale from my big Costco bag. One or two other things may show up sometimes, too.

    Starting to make myself hungry. Got to go. I hear the laundry calling from the basement.

    Blessings on your day,


  3. Just last night I was having a very in-depth conversation with a dear friend about different techniques and recipes for making hummus. I will definitely be sharing this one with her.

    I like to use roasted garlic and/or kalamata olives in my hummus. Clearly I’m a fan of strong flavors!

    1. Yum Katie – your hummus sounds fantastic! LOVE olives in my hummus too and roasted garlic sounds heavenly 🙂

  4. i love your posts and instagrams, and you always inspire me! loving this hummus. sundried tomatoes are some of the most delicious morsels in the world and must really taste amazing in this creamy spread 😉

  5. I just recently started making my own hummus- I had a horrible experience with making my own hummus early on in my cooking adventures that I didn’t attempt to make hummus until about a month ago – and to my surprise it came out amazing! Our favorite is Chipotle…however I have to be mindful of the amount of garlic used, I have been a bit heavy handed with the garlic, which I love but you better make sure others around you eat the hummus too!

    1. What a great suggestion Heather! I never thought of using chipotle but have in the last year discovered how amazing it makes everything taste – that will be next on my list for sure!

    1. Hi Laura! This recipe makes about 2.5 cups of hummus – about enough for appies for a dinner of 8 I would say? It depends how much hummus folks pile on their crackers or veg! (lol) 🙂

  6. Lime and sun-dried tomato in a hummus? SOLD. I don’t think I’ve ever had a concoction quite like this–super intrigued to see how it tastes.

  7. Yum! Can’t wait to try this. I’ve been intimidated to use dried chickpeas (not from a can) but I think I’ll give it a go. 🙂

  8. Thank you for the idea about an unusual hummus! – I will try this recipe very soon, after we’ll finish the eggplant hummus I’ve made two days ago.
    I find various “hummus” variations so nutritional and use it as a replacement of butter in my kitchen all the time. Vive l’hummus and other spreads!

    Eva from Montreal, Canada.

  9. Yet another unique hummus combination Shira! After making the Feisty Cumin Hummus (and absolutely loving it) I am certain I will try this one.
    I have a Vitamix at home and used it for my hummus, so I am thrilled to hear you may have one joining your kitchen in the near future! Despite the steeper cost than most blenders out there, you can’t feel too bad, as you are trading in a seasoned blending veteran!
    When you get it I would love to see/discuss some Vitamix adaptable recipes. I find that I am not utilizing the versatility of this amazing machine (a few smoothies here and there), so some ideas and inspiration would be great!

    Talk blending soon! – Kaeli

    1. Perfect Kaeli! I will let everyone know when I do finally take the plunge – it’s one I’ve been putting off for about 10 years 🙂 It’s high time, right? I’ve been SO patient!

  10. I will pretty much take any variation on hummus! I’m actually not much of a pepper fan so the most popular hummus variation – roasted red pepper – never clicks with me. I am, however, a HUGE fan of sundried tomatoes…and limes!

    1. Perfect Anna! This one has your name on it – I am with you and seem to use sundried tomatoes constantly. They just work so well with my fave foods 🙂

  11. This looks so good! I’m gluten-free so I eat a lot of hummus …. this will be such a treat to try. Absolutely loving your site from just the few recipes I’ve looked at, will have to go through it over coffee this week.

    Thanks for sharing:)
    Pink Chai Style

    1. Thanks for the visit Raj! Appreciate you stopping by – looking forward to meeting all the top 30 bloggers on the 19th! xo

  12. i love the brilliance of colors of your photographs. i want to pinterest it all! hehe ..or rather, it’s photographs like yours that make me want to eat the food

  13. My recipe page totally speaks to what I love too- lots of breakfasts and desserts and sweet things 😉 Those are the areas where I’m more creative in the sense of making a formal recipe. All my other meals are delicious but are a random mish mash. I would really like to get better at planned out lunches and dinners though because when I actually make them, they are oh so good!

    Yay for a new blender soon! I am currently saving towards one as well, I think I am going to go with Blendtec in the end though. Smaller, a little cheaper and I have grown to love them (they are what we use at my co-op job!). I can’t wait to see what you come up with when you get yours!

    Love this recipe! I have a similar hummus with lemon, but I bet the lime makes it that much more interesting!

    1. Love this Gabby — now you have me thinking of looking into a Blendtec? I love how people’s blogs end up genuinely reflecting a part of who they are. It’s actually so cool isn’t it! xo

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