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Holiday Ramblings & a Pineapple Mint Green Monster

Holla from Hawaii everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to a fantastic holiday weekend coming up. We are here for a few more days, which means we are here over Easter. This means the youngest will be treated to ‘Hawaiian Easter’ – which truthfully we haven’t sorted out yet, but I think I see a trip to the grocery store in my future today or tomorrow to stock up on Easter bunny supplies for a Hawaiian style Easter egg hunt 🙂

I mentioned in my last post that the days start early here, and well, yes they sure do! Early enough to start the day with several leisurely cups of coffee, and plenty early to plan a full day on top of a little light reading, drawing, blog writing or catching up, or whatever suits the fancy. I brought a book that I’ve yet to get into (I think today is the day), as by the time I want to read it at night I’m so tired I simply must sleep (would you believe that is around 9:30?). Having a place to be that feels like home makes a holiday like this extra chill, as living like a local is a fun way to get to know any place.

I have taken to toting my computer on trips like this as I find it vital (if possible) to edit photos every day or every other day, as I can not imagine trekking home to that mountain of work on top of returning to regular busy life. No way! It’s a great way to unwind after a busy day and being here with friends just makes it all the more easy.

On Tuesday we visited what could be the place I’d officially sanction as paradise, as after my life-long love affair with tropical foods I was finally treated to a tour of a real working organic macadamia nut farm.

It was nothing short of magical to wander through a 20-year-old nut & coffee orchard perched high above the blue blue sea…..where every fruit under the rainbow grows harmoniously with each other and nothing is needed but a little sun & a whole lot of love and hard work…I’ll share more on that soon.

Hawaii | In Pursuit of More
Pineapple Mint Green Monster | In Pursuit of More
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I am basically living on a diet of green smoothies & fruit here, as the possible combinations are endless and the only stress is trying to exhaust the possibilities before the time is up. But nevertheless, just like activities, there is no stress here. We do what feel like and eat what we feel like.

After a few weeks back home of re-setting my body with clean cooked foods, it is almost crazy how the body can re-adjust to its surroundings so naturally. On the drizzly ‘Wet Coast’ that is home (BC to those of you who may not know) its almost impossible not to crave gently soothing cooked foods – but here – in the tropical humidity amongst multitudes of chirping birds, it’s water, fruit, and more fruit. I can’t even eat cheese here as it feels like too much (not to mention cheese gets greasy in the heat and it’s rather unappetizing).

So it’s smoothies like this for me and anyone within earshot of the blender at the time. This is one of the yummiest combos I’ve ever had, so I hope you enjoy it too! xo

Hawaii | In Pursuit of More
Hawaii | In Pursuit of More
Pineapple Mint Green Monster:

(1/2) ripe pineapple (here they are tree ripe but do try to buy a jet flown pineapple where you are)
(1/2) large ripe avocado, or (1) whole small one
(1/4) cup fresh mint leaves
(1) loosely packed cup of fresh spinach leaves
(1) cup fresh orange juice, or enough to facilitate good blending
(5-6) ice cubes

Peel and chop the pineapple into chunks and repeat with the avocado. Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy – when blending pineapple it is good to run the blender for a little longer to try to smooth out the fibrous parts as much as possible.

Serve in a glass with a sprig or two of fresh mint and enjoy! This recipe makes enough for two delicious servings – or one if you are planning on enjoying it more than once in a day.

Pineapple Mint Green Monster | In Pursuit of More
Pineapple Mint Green Monster | In Pursuit of More

31 responses to “Holiday Ramblings & a Pineapple Mint Green Monster

  1. My mouth is watering after reading this smoothie recipe. Of course that always seems to be the case when reading your recipes. But this time it has everything to do with the pineapple. It is probably my favourite fruit.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and good luck with the Easter egg hunt. 🙂

  2. Hello lovely Shira!
    So happy you are having such a blast in Hawaii. Your green smoothie looks delish! – Hard to resist fresh pineapple.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  3. I love the idea of editing photos each day to minimize the load. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the idea of having to edit and then post, but doing it a day at a time is great! This smoothie, looks delicious and perfect for your Hawaiian holiday!

    1. Thanks Britt! It is so necessary for me as I take WAY too many family photos – editing as I go really helps and allows me to re-live the day (especially if it was a great one!).
      Happy Easter weekend to you!! xo

    1. Thanks LuAnn – we are back and feeling well-rested for sure! I loved this combo – so soothing and full of energy & enzymes 🙂

  4. IPOM smoothie week it is! How could you resist!?! It’s true that lower temps make one crave warmer comfort food. It’s hard being raw on days where the temps are low. I long for summer! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. I truly have everything for this smoothie in my fridge. It might be my afternoon treat! xx

  5. Wow Shira! This looks amazing. This makes me want to go to hawaii too 🙂 Wow I love both pineapple and avocado as an ingredient, I never thought about putting them together in a smoothie. This is just eye dropping good, i can’t wait to try.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  6. Hi,

    The Pineapple mint smoothie looks and sounds delicious!!! I am so eager to try it now. However, how many cups would 1/2 a pineapple make? I just really love pineapple and mint and am afraid that I will go over board blending them together. LOL. Pineapple + Mint= Pure Bliss!!!!

    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks for the question! I would say start with 2 cups and go up from there (it could be between 2 and 3 cups depending). Always best to start small!

  7. Aloha!
    I currently live in Hawaii so I could relate to your blog. With one simple recipe using fresh pineapples, you’ve inspired me to go out and buy a blender to try this yummy concoction! I’m also inspired to now incorporate more ways to infuse my body with liquid ‘Aloha’ vs putting the tempting local plate lunches in it which are full of fat and calories. I’m over 40 now so, its essential I take control of the never ending hormonal imbalance issues by controlling one variable; healthy eating. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Mahalo nui Loa,

  8. love it! i didnt have an avocado so i put a banana in instead. and had no fresh pineapple so i took a small can and poured the juices in with it then decreased water. this is my favourite green smoothie yet. not bitter at all. i will try it again next time with avocado!

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