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Gramma’s Raspberry Birds Nest Cookies

Holla everyone! I am super excited today to share with you one of my all-time favourite cookie recipes over at a super special holiday cookie exchange at Keepin’ it Kind. This cookie combines the wonderful nutty taste of walnuts with sweet raspberry jam to make a cookie as sweet to the tongue as it is darling to the eyes. I grew up eating these every Christmas and am so thrilled to know they are just as good or perhaps even better in this new vegan version (I am sure Gramma won’t mind too much).


If you haven’t met the beautiful & talented Kristy yet, while it is high time you correct this!Β This girl is as creative as she is lovely and her recipes & photography are always mouth-watering.

Her story of choosing a purely plant-based diet as a way of life is a fabulous and inspiring read, and the coupling of her & her husband’s talents together make me smile every time I visit her blog.

So head over to read my cookie post on her blog today and see just how much it means to me to have been invited to join this wonderful holiday baking exchange! And enjoy a peruse through the rest of the recipes too while you are at it πŸ™‚

Gramma's Birds Nest Cookies | IPOM

30 responses to “Gramma’s Raspberry Birds Nest Cookies

  1. Oh Shira! I was totally going to veganize a jam thumbprint cookie for the exchange and something just told me not too. I’m so glad, because I’m certain mine wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful and yours are just so much more special. Plus they have walnuts! Which mine didn’t! So thrilled. Can’t wait to give these a go!

    1. I think that is just too funny – another overlap from you and I completely unbenownst to us…(not sure if I spelled that right)…these are so good, I was thrilled they could be so easily adapted! XX

  2. These cookies remind me of the jam-filled cookies my mom used to make, where the dough was cut into squares and folded over the jam. We used to eat more dough than we should have, but it was so yummy! I love recipes that remind us of family traditions. Thanks for sharing yours! They look amazing!

  3. Thank you again, Shira, for being part of the Cookie Swap Party, and for your very kind words here. I look forward to doing it with you again next year! πŸ™‚

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