Silky Squash & Leek Soup

January 2, 2017

And then just like that, we switched the page to a whole new year. Happy 2017! It’s been cold in these parts ~ like, really, really cold for us, not to mention all the snow and ice. A good time to stay inside and read all those books you might have picked up over the holidays, or to make any … Read More

ShiraSilky Squash & Leek Soup

Winter Veggie Slaw with Citrus Tahini Dressing

February 29, 2016

This recipe is another kitchen sink recipe, which came together not unlike last week’s soup (or really, like most of the food created in this house). It was inspired somewhat by the colours in this slaw, and coincidentally is dressed with another tahini-based dressing, this time only slightly adapted from Bowl + Spoon by Sara Forte. In my experience, you … Read More

ShiraWinter Veggie Slaw with Citrus Tahini Dressing

Vegan Mushroom Barley Pilaf with Roasted Squash & Rosemary

January 7, 2014

There’s a lot to be said for the the words we use and the power they wield every time we open our mouths to speak. I’ve a friend who reminds me of this almost every time we see each other, as he catches me in a way that no one else really does. Sure, we all say things we wish … Read More

ShiraVegan Mushroom Barley Pilaf with Roasted Squash & Rosemary

Autumn Squash & Scallion Hummus

October 3, 2013

Change. It’s a wonderful thing. As the seasons change, so do we, and one can never expect that things will remain the same, not ever, and why would we? There are so many wonderful things to do and experience! Sometimes it’s all about the little things, like that water you never drink in the morning? These are the things YOU … Read More

ShiraAutumn Squash & Scallion Hummus