Lively Yellow Potato Salad

April 20, 2012

Welcome to another springy post! I’ve got to tell you (though it’s still a little cool), it’s pretty sweet here when the sun is out! The patio furniture is coming out this weekend and the new garden topsoil has (finally) settled. Even the outdoor hockey net is out in the lane again and I can hear the sounds of balls hitting … Read More

ShiraLively Yellow Potato Salad

Coconut Maple Granola with Cocoa Nibs

March 10, 2012

When the sun came out this week I knew it would bring with it good things. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! I think it’s safe to say I was stunned, delighted, and totally honored to be Freshly Pressed by WordPress this week! (Thank you WordPress!) These things often happen when you ‘don’t feel ready’ as there are a … Read More

ShiraCoconut Maple Granola with Cocoa Nibs

Killer Kale Pesto

March 7, 2012

The sun came out yesterday, and it seems, decided to stay for a while (the forecast is clear for at least another day). Insert multiple smiley face emoticons here!! Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. – Helen Keller It’s safe to say it’s been a (very) welcome change and the views of the twinkling … Read More

ShiraKiller Kale Pesto

Vegan Date Coconut Bliss Balls

February 21, 2012

Got a sweet tooth? Here’s a good challenge – ever tried cutting out baked goods and other sugary treats and replaced them with dried fruits and nuts for a week? Here’s a sweet way to feed your sweet tooth, with a little chocolate variation to make it even sweeter. All you need is good dates, dried coconut, a little nut … Read More

ShiraVegan Date Coconut Bliss Balls

Creamy Vegan Cashew & Fresh Herb Dressing

February 14, 2012

It’s here! Has Cupid come by to kiss you yet? I can see this morning there are a lot of folks pretty excited about Valentines Day. I hope everyone is feeling the love today! It’s a day for the kids in our house, where they get to be reminded that their mother loves them. I like that, and so do they … Read More

ShiraCreamy Vegan Cashew & Fresh Herb Dressing