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A Glimpse Into The Garden: Growing Our Own Food


Hay all! Happy summer days are here! Back in the spring, I was lucky enough to meet the good crew from Victory Gardens, a group of amazingly skilled ladies whose simple promise is quite eloquently to ‘help you grow food’. What followed was the installation of a gorgeously appointed urban garden right smack in the front of my house (yeah I know! Convenient right?) – and perfectly situated to showcase the plants. The garden was installed by Agrarian Organics, a company with whom I am working with, because well – simply put – their products rock (and yes, they do pay me to say that but I couldn’t say that if it were not true).  Continue reading


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Healing & The Power of Simple Things: A True Story


Healing & The Power of Simple Things | In Pursuit of MoreHealing & The Power of Simple Things | In Pursuit of More

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

~ Anne Frank

It’s been a little while since I posted about something other than food, which is strange to me as the truth is just this: I never set out to be a food blogger. Funny how you just never know where the path will take you after you take that first step, and I can’t imagine anything else I would rather be doing with my life right now. Continue reading


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On Travel, Family, and Photos from The Big Island, Hawaii


Hawaii | In Pursuit of MoreHawaii | In Pursuit of MoreHawaii | In Pursuit of More

Hawaii | In Pursuit of More Hawaii | In Pursuit of More

Getting away is surely a luxury in this world, and one that should be thoroughly revered & enjoyed. Growing up, my family had not the means for such things as air travel, and despite this I can still recall as vividly as yesterday the many exciting road trips we took as kids, and think to how they must have saved my parents from going crazy at home with the four of us rambunctious island ragamuffins. Continue reading


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My Top 5 Favorite Tricks for a Gentle Spring Re-Set


Gently Re-setting | In Pursuit Of MoreGently Re-setting | In Pursuit Of More

Let’s face it. There’s a boatload of dietary info out there. But don’t worry! I’m not about dive too deep into all the directions one can be pulled when looking for an accessible, sustainable way to feel better from the inside out, but rest assured we can all safely say the info is out there. And it’s plentiful, and (maybe just a little) overwhelming. I know many of you (me included) have tapped into what generally works for us by now, and from time to time might need to re-connnect with a few of our ‘tried and true’ personal truths. Continue reading


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On The Practice of Good Everyday


Tulips | In Pursuit Of MoreTulips | In Pursuit Of More

Recently I referenced a great book I’d read, and shared a thought or two from the pages I ate up while earnestly stepping my way to happiness at the gym. I’ve finally taken to reading books & listening to music to drown out the gym noise, and boy is it awesome! Honestly, not sure why I was needlessly suffering all these years! Continue reading


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