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Roasted Squash, Fennel & Thyme Pizza with Goat Cheese


If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely.

~ Roald Dahl

Okay, who loves squash? Yeah, I know, it’s pretty tough not to. I love it too, especially since you can buy it when the mood strikes you and leave it sitting pretty on your counter until you need it (can I get a yes for no spoilage?), and it’s pretty tasty & nutritious too. Yup, squash is awesome, and in most places, an easy to find local food.

A vegetable I don’t often use though is fennel, as unless it’s juiced, I’ve never really found it that appealing in taste or in texture until recently. I love that about food (and most anything), there seems to always be something new & amazing to discover, whether it’s a cooking method, a new spice or any single ingredient. It’s all a giant sprawling rabbit hole that really can keep going on forever so long as we decide to keep pushing forward, and it’s never too late (never) to pick up again and start anew. Continue reading


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Recipe: Tuscan White Bean & Basil Pizza & Guest Posting


Tuscan Bean Pizza | In Pursuit Of MoreTuscan Bean Pizza | In Pursuit Of More

I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.

~ Paul Simon

As summertime rolls on, there is one thing that can’t be ignored: life is good! The weather is fine and all the summer loving & fun is being had. With that said, the focus & better yet, the time to blog has been somewhat lacking here these days, as the normal juggles & hustles make way for a slower, more relaxed take on life. We’ve just returned from a weekend visiting family on the island, and I’ve a little catch up to do. Anyone out there feeling the same relaxed summer vibe? Continue reading


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Recipe: Nik’s Pecan Coconut Granola


Pecan Coconut GranolaPecan Coconut Granola

So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

~ Paulo Coelho

It could be said that children are the greatest teachers we can ever have. If this is true, then I’ve got two of the world’s greatest living right under my roof, challenging me every day to do better, and to try harder, and once again do more than I ever thought I could possibly do. I’ve simply always adored being a mother, and it’s a job I wouldn’t trade for anything. Continue reading


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Recipe: Olive Studded Chickpea Rosemary Flatbread


Olive Studded Chickpea Rosemary Flatbread | In Pursuit Of MoreOlive Studded Chickpea Rosemary Flatbread | In Pursuit Of More

Do it, then fix it as you go.

~ Paul Arden

Hey everyone! Happy Friday to all! Here in Vancouver (and in all of Canada) we are gearing up for a hot long weekend after a week or two of gloomy rain. It’s pretty awesome to have some great weather to look forward to, and I see loads of watermelon and ice water in my future as the temperatures are expected to break records. YES. Finally! Continue reading


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Recipe: Summer Fruit Crisp, Vegan & Gluten-Free


Summer Fruit Crisp | In Pursuit Of MoreSummer Fruit Crisp | In Pursuit Of More

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is.

~ Unknown

Stretching ourselves into unknown territory is hard, actually it could quite possibly be the hardest thing there is to do at all. If I think about those I admire, It’s always clear that the reason I do so is based on one thing: the fact that someone has been or has done something amazing. Something not many others would dare to do, or maybe, even think possible at all.  Continue reading


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