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Island Getaways + Summer Links

Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. Rumi

My holiday this year was a last minute mash-up of a bunch of little ideas thrown together that just kind of worked. This year the family opted out of planning a big annual to-do, since we’re looking ahead to next summer and planning a big Europe stint to celebrate my next *big* birthday (but hey, they are ALL big aren’t they?). I’ve compiled a few of my fave moments from visits to my folks place, a night at my older brother’s new remote cabin, and a few days in beautiful Whidbey Island with the best of friends.


I was blown away by the beauty of the summer sun on the water during my ride in big bro’s new boat. At 40+, he’s just bought himself a little piece of paradise in the Gulf Islands, on a little piece of mossy rock with no water, electricity, or really any people either it seems! We spent one whole 27 hours there, and in that time managed to fit about a week’s worth of relaxing in – it was heavenly.


Here are a few things I’m digging of late, whether the books I’ve lugged around with me the past few days, some yummy food I’ve eaten, or the soundtracks accompanying me through these chill days.

This unbelievable salad. We added croutons and a balsamic vinaigrette and it was killer 😉
Farmer Bob’s Greek Lentil Salad over at GRAIN.
New inspiring blogging friends, here, here, and here.
This gorgeous sourdough book picked up at the Grain Gathering in Mt. Vernon.
These amazing beach blanket / towels.
Gorgeous (somewhat) undiscovered islands.
This driving soundtrack. This coming home soundtrack. Always and forever, more old Whiskeytown.
100% Linen shirts made for and by rad people.
This Olympian. Sport reminds of the power of patience, passion, and the sheer human potential within each of us. I cry. Every time.
Rebecca Campbell. This book.

I’m all about using summer as a time to reflect and heal. Come September, I always feel invigorated, especially after taking the summer months to let my body shake out whatever pent up energy may need letting go. I find my body tends to get a little run-down at the beginning of the summer, almost like it knows this is the time when I’m allowed to let go, to slow down, and renew. Sometimes the process isn’t all that pleasant depending on what is happening, but I encourage anyone interested in learning more about ways to support your body type, to investigate further into the doshas. Ayurvedic wisdom is an ancient system designed to help us navigate the different body types we all inhabit, and I have found it incredibly valuable though the years – most people are a mix of two or even three doshas with a predominant leaning towards one. Here is a great article for eating in the summer months.


Summer is all about warmth and tenderness, like the sun shining on us, or the joy we feel when taking some down time surrounded by loved ones, who we choose to spend our time with – not our co-workers or neighbours or any other thing. Breaking bread together and sharing vulnerable moments brought on by hopefully letting our guards down (just a little). Not wearing makeup or caring whether our bikini bottoms make us feel awkward. Heck, bathing suits ARE awkward! These are universal first world issues, and if I’ve meditated on anything the past week it’s that we are really all the same. Life is beautiful and we are all so capable of creating, sharing, and receiving goodness.


I have a dear friend who practices a religion of what he calls gratitude. To me, that’s the most beautiful thing of all, and it’s all too easily forgotten. Take the time to rest, release, and be thankful. We’ll all be better for it and I’m so thrilled to be here at this time and place, and I’m grateful as ever for the generosity of all those who share their time and gifts with me. It’s all so precious, really. Isn’t it? xox


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  1. Hi Shira! I had no idea you had a blog, it’s GORGEOUS!! Wow. So much inspiration! I can’t wait to go through all your posts, I could read for hours! Thank you so much for the link love. Big hugs from the East Coast. 🙂 xo

    1. Hi Sophie! Thanks for the visit – I’m so glad you came by! Looking forward to sharing more with you, I love love love your work too! 🙂 xo

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