A Glimpse Into The Garden: Growing Our Own Food


Hay all! Happy summer days are here! Back in the spring, I was lucky enough to meet the good crew from Victory Gardens, a group of amazingly skilled ladies whose simple promise is quite eloquently to ‘help you grow food’. What followed was the installation of a gorgeously appointed urban garden right smack in the front of my house (yeah I know! Convenient right?) – and perfectly situated to showcase the plants. The garden was installed by Agrarian Organics, a company with whom I am working with, because well – simply put – their products rock (and yes, they do pay me to say that but I couldn’t say that if it were not true). 

You really do have to see it to believe it!

I hope you guys will enjoy the little glimpse into my little piece of veggie heaven, and if you are looking for great products to help you grow (and you don’t have the Victory Gardens team nearby to make you look like a pro), visit the Agrarian website & blog – they’ve a product that is safe & effective to use in literally any area of the home – perfect for herbs, orchids, houseplants, lawns & gardens of any size! I’ve been completely amazed at the health and robust growth of my plants so far, it’s almost too good to be true!

IMG_1983IMG_1974 IMG_1977IMG_1961

We are growing arugula, spinach, lettuce, kale & broccoli – and my green smoothies have NEVER tasted sweeter, fresher, or more vibrant. I’m hooked! Are you growing this year? If so, what?

See you all on the flip side of my New York adventure – and be sure to check out Not So Fast’s latest initiative! Help us feed families with the same beauty you see here.

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ShiraA Glimpse Into The Garden: Growing Our Own Food