10 Things I’m Grateful For Right Now


The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.Thích Nhất Hạnh

It’s been some time since I write a post like this, as time screams by ever quicker and the days and months roll into yet another year. Thankfully, there are moments like the other day when the inspiration strikes and you realize it’s been just too darned long since I really just exclaimed how grateful I am for all that I have.

So instead of a ‘what I’m loving’ list, I thought I’d just throw a few things out there – things that are dear to me or especially special to me right now, in this time and this particular season of my life. It could be something simple, like the sweater on your back right now and the memories it holds of your past, or the simple way the candle before you is flickering in its gentle meandering way, but I think the mundane moments of life are made that much better by exclaiming out loud what we love, and saying thanks for the small things that make up the matter of our everyday existences. So here are mine for today, all raw and as always as real as I can, and I’d love to hear yours if you feel the urge to join me. I am sure I am not the only one with gratitude overflowing, as this life is full of too many wonderful things happening to wonderful people (yes, that’s you).

And remember that if you’re hurting, that’s just life’s primer for the good that’s to come. Cause it always comes again, you just have to hang in there, and when you’re ready, go and find it. Let it find you too, as it’s out there, just waiting until the time is right. But most of all, whatever you do, be thankful. Here are my top 10 off the top of my head on this gorgeous November night

1. My Daughter

She just turned 16 the other day, which to me is almost unthinkable. She inspires me, makes me a better person, and teaches me everyday in her gentle loving way that life is to be treasured. I am so proud of her and who she has become. The past 5,840 days have been the most magical I could have ever thought possible, all because of her (and of course her sister who tops this list as well, I am one lucky mama).

2. Music

I don’t know about you, but music heals me. Whatever your music is, play it loud and play it often. Cook to it, dance to it, and live to it. It’s a scientific fact that without music life would be awfully drab. Always music. Always with my man, always on the couch with my wine in hand and my man. I know I already said that but that’s cause it’s the best. Listen.

3. Gabby Ouimet

This girl rules, and I am extra specially thankful for her this week! We’ve been blogging friends since the start and we clicked right away. This girl rocks a fast like no other and has been on board to support Not So Fast for many months now. I was also beyond thrilled to get to meet her in person last spring, and she’s just as wonderful in person, if not more! Check out her Q & A here on the Not So Fast Blog and help me celebrate her. Cause she’s amazing (yes, lady, you really are, thank you!).

4. Avocadoes

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know just how much avocado love goes on in this kitchen. It’s not a local food (which I try to eat whenever possible), but it’s a good food and it happens to taste AMAZING on all my local treasures! Plus it makes me feel rad. So there, love them.

5. My Soul

Okay so this one is really real. I’ve mentioned changes in my life recently, and one or two decisions that have led me to connecting with this beautiful woman. She’s a major force for good in this world and she’s been helping me return to my soul. It’s a beautiful journey fraught with risk of vulnerability and fears of all kinds. The only way to live if you ask me.

6. Ginger

In everything. In dressings, as a warm tea. Perfect for winter, and oh so good for you. Get some!

7. Being Weak

Part of the whole process of growing stronger is allowing yourself to be weak. I’ve learned lately that exposing weakness to others could be the single best way to connect on a real level. Doors have opened through moments of feeling soft instead of hard and in control. Be strong enough to allow yourself weakness, it’s only human, and some of the squishiest parts of life are where the real stuff inevitably happens.

8. Scented Candles

Writing & smelling, smelling & writing. Reading & smelling. Listening & smelling. Soft flickers and a romance that makes me never want the night to end. Scented candles are my new collection thing, and they make things better in so many ways: here’s my current fave.

9. Sunshine

Here in Vancouver, we get our fair share of rainfall, but this year (and particularly this fall) has been hands down one of the best weather years in recent memory. My walks with my grade four girl to the schoolyard in the morning are made all the better by the rays that catch her long hair and the flickers of light through the leaves as they’ve turned in colour. Walks with good friends along the all too perfect seawall. It’s been nothing short of spectacular here in the city.

10. Trip Planning

In the hooplah of the past little while, I can’t believe there is one thing I haven’t shared here, and that is the birthday gift I got from my husband! The Friday before my birthday weekend I got the best gift I could ever have hoped, and with that he & I will jet to Paris this February, all alone for a week!! So I’m clipping items & making lists and looking forward, as there is no place like France to make this girl truly feel like being at home. Honestly. I am beside myself with anticipation and so looking forward to heading back once again!



With that, I feel a certain sense of happy as I share more than just the beautiful food that keeps us fuelled here at home. Being grateful is free, and just remembering to be mindful of it can bring to mind all sorts of things in your immediate world that might be overlooked unless you take the time to stop, look, feel & listen.

Thanks for reading guys, what are you grateful for right now? Feel free to share below!

Yours in less,

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8 Comments on “10 Things I’m Grateful For Right Now”

  1. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Your kind words were just like a big warm hug my dear :) You are a wonderful person who I feel so lucky to have gotten to know!

    This was such a beautiful post. I love your thoughts on being weak- exposing weakness is an amazing way to connect with others and realize your strength :) Also totally feeling you on scented candles, avocados and ginger!

    And oh I am so jealous! ANOTHER jaunt to Paris??? Girl you are so lucky! I cannot wait for your follow up posts- last time I was drooling and smiling through every one!

  2. Katie (A Fork in Hand)

    How funny that the last thing I did before reading your post here was to put one of Thich Nhat Hahn’s books on my Amazon wish list. An inspiring quote from an inspiring man. And an inspiring post as well.

  3. Urs

    Ah Shira, this touched my heart. So so happy to be a part of your beautiful journey. I am grateful for you my dear friend.

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