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Recently I referenced a great book I’d read, and shared a thought or two from the pages I ate up while earnestly stepping my way to happiness at the gym. I’ve finally taken to reading books & listening to music to drown out the gym noise, and boy is it awesome! Honestly, not sure why I was needlessly suffering all these years!

During my sweat session on the stair master last night, I got to thinking. Thinking about habits, thinking about my day. Thinking about the good parts of my day and then the not so good parts. We are what we do and what we think, and so our own actions couldn’t be of more paramount importance to shaping how we feel about ourselves, and about life.

This quote from The Happiness Project really stuck with me and re-surfaced last night:“What we do everyday is more important than what we do once in a while.”


Since we are what we do and what we say, those things we continually repeat are the things we become. We all know fitness won’t come to us from moving once or twice a week, just like your teeth won’t be clean if you only brush them when you feel like it (unless you are me I am an obsessive brusher). What we say is important too. Love is better expressed when said everyday than once in a while, right?

Whatever those changes are you want to make, the key to the good life seems to lie in doing good for yourself and others everyday. After all, how can we deal with all the tough stuff without doing all we can to bring the things we want our way?

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend full of awesomeness, whatever you choose to do. Next up I’ve got some super yummy sweet treats to share, because, it’s just been too long since I posted a dessert. But don’t worry, I won’t be doing that everyday, because I’ve also got a deliciously simple salad roll recipe coming too. Happy Friday!

Yours in Less,

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ShiraOn The Practice of Good Everyday

18 Comments on “On The Practice of Good Everyday”

  1. Karista

    Love that book Shira! Such profound words that should be repeated often. :) I try to switch it up between the treadmill and yoga. last night at yoga I was thinking I should have been on the treadmill. It was a killer class and I’m sitting here this morning with a tiny bit of thigh pain. LOL! You are always an inspiration! Hugs :)

    1. Shira

      I am with you and always have trouble deciding between a run or the gym – I tried my hand at yoga and had to cut it out last year due to feelings of guilt towards my other two fitness loves :) I hope your strain is feeling better Karista, I am sure you will enjoy the benefit later LOL! Have a great weekend! XX

  2. Anne

    Thank you for this important reminder! It’s what we do every day – how we live every day, that is so true.
    Oh the tulips are beautiful :-)
    Have a great Friday Shira!

  3. janet

    You’re exactly right about what we do every day being paramount. Would you rather be told every day that you are loved and have your husband/wife do something loving for you daily or never hear or see evidence of it and then get fabulous flowers on Valentine’s Day? The answer seems obvious to me. If you’re not practicing whatever it is daily or almost daily, you’re falling into the “Do as I say, not as I do” group.

    I try to do something nice for someone every day or as often as possible, even if it’s just an email or message on Facebook. I give my husband at least one big kiss every day that we’re in the same place. I try to keep my exercise schedule, do a bit of writing (OK, with a blog it helps), pray, read the Bible, etc. daily. I don’t always succeed, but I just get back on track again as soon as possible.

    Hope your weekend is lovely as well.


    1. Shira

      Wonderful Janet! You know what has been said about sowing the right seeds…you seem to have it down! Fantastic! :)

  4. Brittany

    I always love your though provoking posts. I also love that your choice of gym distraction. I usually attend classes at the gym, so I don’t need a distraction, but I am going to try listening to motivational speakings while running outside to help let my mind melt away as I run!

    1. Shira

      Excellent idea Britt! I’ve been considering that too – I’ve also thought it would be a good way to learn french…keep me posted if you find any good ones! XO

  5. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    I’ve been meaning to read that book for a while now, I can’t believe I haven’t, it sounds so inspirational!

    Love your words and the way you always make me think. I have been trying to live this way more and this is just the push I needed to keep going :)

    1. Shira

      You would love this read Gabby! Gretchen has a very business like approach that I find easy to read & understand (I could never approach things as methodically and am thankful she does it so well for the rest of us!).
      I think/know you would love it – so happy you don’t mind the veering off the food track! XO :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Sofia

    Hi Shira, I love your words. It really reminds us of how short life is and how we should try as much as possible to do things that make a difference to make life better for us and for everyone else around us.

    1. Shira

      So true Sofia – thank you! It is so common to forget the little things and their importance to daily happiness. Thanks for reading :)

  7. Kristy

    Thank you for the book recommendation- it sounds like something I would totally love. And thank you for this uplifting post and simple reminder. Our daily actions do control our own happiness.

    I did the same thing in regards to listening to music while I worked out at the gym- I just recently started doing it and I seriously don’t know why I waited so long! It’s so much better! :-)

    1. Shira

      It’s amazing isn’t it Kristy! Honestly I still can’t run with music (it feels weird) but at the gym it just makes so much sense – glad I’m not the only one in the ‘better late than never camp’! Lol
      I’d love to hear if you pick up the book – a fantastic read, I’m ready to read it again a second time!
      XO to you!

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