Recipe: Fresh Coconut Pulp Chocolate Torte & Thoughts on Hope

The greatest thoughts come from the heart.

~ Vauvenargues

It’s true! We are here!

The family made it to Paris, and after a typical long travel day, we arrived yesterday to a bustling busy city at the height of tourist season. As I write this, I’ve got a fabulous internet connection in my quaint french apartment (which will be home for the next week). French press coffee at my side (brought from home), and sleeping children in the room adjacent.

Life is good, and I hope to share it as I am inspired over the course of the 3 weeks we’ll be away here.

Of course the blog will look a little different from here, and to me this is exciting, as who knows what might inspire me? There is surely no shortage of material, as I learned from the first time I visited this beautiful city just two years ago.

Today’s post is the follow-up from the recipe for Homemade Fresh Coconut Milk, which I am quite certain a few of you will attempt, if only to get to this dessert.

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

~ French Proverb

Taking inspiration from this popular IPOM recipe, (remember those insanely delicious Rice Krispie Treats?), I knew there had to be a most delicious way to take advantage of the by-product from making coconut milk, and after all that work, I surely wasn’t going to waste a single morsel.

And it is so delicious, that would have been absolutely criminal.

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

~ Author Unknown

As it happens, last week was also fun as I was nominated in a blog relay about hope by a fellow favorite blogging chum Cara at Fork and Beans (love this girl).

This ‘relay’ asks bloggers to touch on the topic of hope, an interesting word if there ever was one. I could write a whole essay on this topic (as I am sure some of us could), and hope is a funny thing, as surely we all hope, and in turn also have hopes.

To me, I think hope is the feeling we have when we simply want something to go our way. Hope is also the deep belief & longing that helps us get through the toughest of times.

Simply put, the notion of hoping always reminds me that certain things are in our control, and others simply are not. The things we can control are often the hardest to do.

Things like how we feel & think, how & what we eat, how we behave with others. Hoping is the first step in simply doing. By doing, I believe we can get closer to actually realizing our hopes and dreams.

As a hope without action is simply just that, nothing more than a thought, or a desire. By doing, we become.

And as for the things that are beyond our control? The quote below pretty much sums it up for me.

Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith.

~ Robert Brault

Here are the next few bloggers tagged in this relay – I’d love to hear what these lovely ladies have to share with us as I always enjoy their unique perspectives on food, life, art, travel, and all those hopeful dreams of ours :)

Spree at Cooking Spree, Marina at Marina Chetner, Syders from This Sydney Life, Sharyn at the Kale Chronicles, Ishita at Ishita Unblogged. Have fun with it ladies!

The Less:

Fewer ingredients makes for simple, easy working. Less heated dessert foods means more intact enzymes and less baking in the heat of summer. Less heavy, flour-based baked goods, means less allergens and less gluten, so these treats can really be enjoyed by all, no matter where you go, or who you go with.

The More:

More uses for by-products means less waste and more value. More healthy chocolate treats means more feeling good about eating them. More easy simple recipes means more incentive to get the job done, so killing two birds with one stone just got easier. Not to mention delicious, healthy, and fun too.

Fresh Coconut Pulp Chocolate Torte:

  • leftover pulp from (1) recipe Fresh Homemade Coconut Milk you should have about 2.5-3 cups (the pulp of one coconut, or feel free to sub shredded coconut for the pulp, though I suspect the result will be much drier)
  • (2) cups chocolate chips, for melting
  • (1/3) cup almond butter, raw or roasted
  • (4) cups rice krispie cereal
  • (1) tsp vanilla

Optional Topping:

  • (1) cup chocolate chips
  • (1/4 1/3) cup shredded coconut

Begin by melting the (2) cups of chocolate chips using a double boiler, or by putting the chocolate chips in a stainless bowl (use a bowl big enough to mix the whole recipe if you can) over a pot of boiling water. Once the chocolate has melted completely, remove the bowl from the heat.

Add the almond butter and vanilla and stir. The heat from the chocolate will help the almond butter to soften without heating the almond butter over heat itself (particularly good if you are concerned about this and are using raw almond butter).

Add the coconut pulp to the chocolate-almond butter mixture and mix well. The coconut will cool the hot chocolate and bring the temperature down a little. Next, add the rice krispie cereal to the mixture, and mix well with your hands, ensuring it is even.

Line an 8 inch round or square pan with wax or parchment paper and press the mixture into the pan, using your hands to get it as even on the top as possible. Put the pan into the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours.

The mixture will harden and become very firm to the touch. Remove the firm torte and with your hands take out the parchment paper, holding it in your hands carefully. Place the hardened torte back in to the pan.

From here, you can enjoy as is, or if you want to get creative or fancy (like I did), simply melt an additional cup of chocolate chips and spread over the entire cooled torte, topping with shredded dried coconut as garnish. Place the pan back in the fridge to harden the chocolate.

Serve in slices with optional fruit (raspberries are delicious!), and perhaps some ice cream or whip. You can also cut and enjoy through the week as a snack.

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.

~Author Unknown

This dessert made a fabulous treat for a group this week as I said good-bye to my co-workers before my holiday. One good-bye was a little harder than the others.

It is rich while still being light on the tummy. A true feel good dessert!

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.

~ George Weinberg

Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.

~ Robert Ingersoll

It is my sincere desire that anyone reading this post today can feel hope in knowing that deliciousness is never far away, and that in all of our hands is carried infinite possibilities for action of all kinds.

Whether it is cooking, writing, or any form of art, it is the hands that carry out the work of the heart and the mind.

Here’s hoping we can all enjoy some of that. I’ll be seeking in the coming weeks here from France what has begun as a fabulous time in a most beautiful place. Here’s to infinite possibilities!

  • What are you hopeful for today?
  • Got a favorite no bake dessert to share with us?

More to come readers, stay tuned! Off to see the sights as I’ve officially had enough coffee…

Yours in Less,


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67 Responses to Recipe: Fresh Coconut Pulp Chocolate Torte & Thoughts on Hope

  1. I wish I had a slice for breakfast with a cuo of French press coffee! Love the first quote on hope – its so very true. Enjoy France! I look forward to reading about your adventures and living vicariously.

  2. This is creative, Shira! Does the spent coconut have enough flavor to justify eating it? Thanks for the tag on “hope” — I’ll work it into a blog post soon. Enjoy Paris!

    • Thanks Sharyn! I’ll look forward to your post! I found it was the texture of the coconut that was the biggest contributor to this recipe – as you say maybe not the heaviest on flavor but enough to justify (IMO) all that work! I did it twice :) Paris is lovely (but you know that!)

  3. Oh Shira! I want to LICK THAT SPOON! I love it when you deliver the goods and this one is GOOD!

  4. Enjoy Paris! This sounds delicious. And those pics with the red toile and raspberries are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous cake! And so original. I’m usually not that enticed by chocolate cakes (although I do love chocolate in other forms…), but this looks divine! Chocolate and coconut go together SO nicely.

    • Thanks Allison! Honestly I am not a chocolate cake person either – the cereal makes it so light though, it’s awesome and not heavy like most flour based cakes. It was quite lovely!

  6. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and One Versatile Blogger awards please check out my comments on your wonderful blog at

  7. Love the way you’re using coconut at the moment. This is like a cake we sell at work, which is my favourite. This looks absolutely wonderful!

  8. All I can say is: aaaaaahhhhhhh! Shira!! I want this!

  9. oh my gosh Shira I hope you and your family have an awesome time in France! how fun! those memories will last forever:) what a delicious recipe! i love that it uses the leftover pulp! i feel so wasteful after making juice or milks with all that pulp left! have a blast!!

  10. Beautiful post, AMAZING quotes…you ran your leg with the baton well. Thank you so much for your thoughts and participation in HOPE 2012!

  11. Ms Shira! I can’t believe you crafted this beautiful post from Paris! Thank you so much for tagging me for the Hope relay – I loved your perspective on ‘hope’. Are there any rules for the relay? Also, I hope the goodbyes weren’t too hard when you left. Remember, there’s always hope :)

    • Lovely Shira – like Yogi M, I can’t believe you crafted this awesome post from Paris! How clever are you (you have raised the bar again!)

      I am sending you all the bestest travel vibes for an amazing holiday. Can’t believe it has finally arrived for you. Enjoy it all, my friend (and then tell us all about it!)

      Shall give a ‘hope’ post some thought. Thanks for the tag.

      Cheers Possum!

      • Perfect J! It’s hard to believe we are here too :) Feels like we just planned it! It’s amazing here and I’m collecting as many motes as I can retain and taking obscene amounts of pictures!
        Trust me, I am not that impressive! Had most of it ready to go before leaving, just left the writing for my arrival! :) xo

    • Hey Marina! Not sure about the rules – I think it is pretty simple – however Melanie (who started the relay) posted a comment with a link to her original post if you have a chance or are inclined to read about it!
      I would be lying if I said I hadn’t prepared most of this post prior to leaving, leaving only the writing to do! ;)

  12. Ahhhh you’re in Paris!!!! I am so jealous/insanely pumped to hear about all your adventures! Even the line “in my quaint french apartment (which will be home for the next week). French press coffee at my side” got me all tiggly with excitement!

    This dessert looks so decadent! I love how economical it is too, since it involves using up a by-product of an other delicious recipe. I love thinking up creative ways to use my pulps lol.

    Have so much fun my dear! Take lots of pics and enjoy every moment :)

    • We’re having a great time Gabby – thanks for the excitement, I can feel it!! So much to see and do – wondering at this point how I’ll manage to craft a blog post with all there is to do! Lots of photos though, it’s great!
      I see a few of us were in a dessert frame of mind this weekend – it’s awesome!

  13. Reblogged this on It's All Food and commented:
    Love In Paris

  14. S.

    Mmmm looks delicious! So smart of you to use a by-product from an older recipe. I tend to forget I have left-over foods somewhere end they end up in the bin, really bad! Enjoy Paris, and maybe one day you’ll come to Amsterdam:)XO

    • Thanks Sanne! I’d LOVE to visit Amsterdam one day, I hear it is amazing! :) Having a great time, what a place, and it is so busy here!

      • S.

        I hope one day you do and I can give you the whereabouts for cheap organic foods and markets ;)

        Enjoy your time in Paris! I strongly recommend macarons from Laduree. SO good!

  15. Incredible post as always Shira

    Those first few pics had me drooling all over the keyboard – OMG that chocolate layer – there are no words to describe how that makes me feel, okay Giddy and needing a slice of that pie in the worst way!

    My hope for today is knowing that I did my best throughout the day with whatever challenges that I may come by.

    Hmmm no bake desser? Raw Cookie Dough “Blizzards”!

    • OMG – Heather – you must share this raw cookie ‘Blizzard’ recipe with us! That sounds intense in the best possible way :)
      I hope you get to make the coconut milk – if only to make this dessert! :)

  16. What a radiant, beautiful dessert this is Shira…and somehow so suited for the topic of hope. Lovely lovely post, and a dessert that I’ll pin and hope to use once I make your coconut milk! We were out of country for a few days and I without Internet so failed to respond to this in a timely way. Sorry! Am so happy to pick up the topic of hope! Give me til next week when things will finally (!!!) be quieting down here! (our renovations nearly done!) Continue (as you always do) enjoying the place where you are! I so look forward to what you’ll bring us! xxoo

    • Thanks Spree!! I’ll look forward to reading your post as I always look forward to reading your words :) Hope you’ve had a great few days (I’ve fallen behind n my comments & responses too on account of being away!) – looking forward! :) xo

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  18. Wow this dessert looks amazing!!! I will make it – I love coconut!
    I have this feeling you are loving Paris, am I right? ;-)

  19. wow, that is an insane dessert! true dat about hope. have a good time in paris

    • Thank you Richa! Having an amazing time :) I think I followed you on instagram if you want to follow back :) I’m posting photos here and there when I can! Hope you are well! xx

  20. Delicious looking recipe (as usual!) and I’m so jealous that you’re in Paris… have an amazing time!

  21. First: Slow down, back away from your fabulous posts a bit and just start eating your way through the City of Light. Enjoy tea and lavender tarte tatin at Mariage Freres, then a great Provencal dinner at Chez Janou–within walking distance of the Place des Vosges–make reservations. I almost never bake, but this recipe sounds so appealing I’m going to give it a shot. Bon appetit! Ken

    • Thanks Ken! I appreciate your tips and your kind note – I’ve had a great week away from the computer and enjoyed the sights and of course, the food :) What an amazing city – I take it you are a regular visitor here? Thanks again, I hope you’ll get to make this – it’s superb! :)

  22. Nas

    Can I use something other than coconut pulp and if not, how do I get the coconut pulp?

    • Hi Nas, of course you can substitute dried shredded coconut for the pulp – but if you want to try it with pulp simply attempt the coconut milk recipe previous to this one :) They are both awesome, and you get double the bang for your buck that way! Of course either way will be delicious!

      • Nas

        Oh okay :) And do I have to use almond butter? I tried to find it in the shops but I’ve had no luck so I was wonderng whether I could just use butter? Thank you, it looks like such a yummy recipe :)

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  26. How lovely.. I’m so happy to have found your blog.. it’s full of uplifting words of inspiration!! And that dessert.. so pretty and unbelievably healthy!! xx

  27. I am so excited to try this! I have been saving my coconut pulp for this recipe : ) Beautiful pics and words about hope. Have fun in Paris!

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