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Lively Yellow Potato Salad

Welcome to another springy post! I’ve got to tell you (though it’s still a little cool), it’s pretty sweet here when the sun is out! The patio furniture is coming out this weekend and the new garden topsoil has (finally) settled. Even the outdoor hockey net is out in the lane again and I can hear the sounds of balls hitting the garage doors in my neighbourhood on weeknights.Life is (at last) happening all around, folks are getting outside, and spring is in full swing. Oh my! It’s a good thing!

Spring brings with it the promise of summer, and warm evenings spent outside. With that, comes time for warm weather sides and salads, either to accompany the barbecue (for the carnivorous hubby) or just to have as they are (my way). Here is a lively potato salad to start the season of outdoor living featuring my favorite – the humble (and often maligned) potato! As a vegetarian (who eats little dairy and at times none), I’ve always been (just a little) saddened at the (IMO) unfair rap that poor old potatoes get from many fad diet doctrines out there.

These little gems that grow in even the poorest of soil are amazingly nutritious (especially the skins), easily available and totally dirt cheap considering some of the other foods we buy to eat well. High in easily digested healthy carbs, potatoes are filling, tasty, and super versatile. Bake them, steam them, roast them. Grate them, fry them (not my fave), or even dehydrate them (I once tried them as raw potato chips in my raw days – they were actually okay!). Here is a healthy way to enjoy these gluten-free darlings – without all the high-fat dairy-based toppings commonly associated with potatoes – this was a big hit at the office this week!

Lively Yellow Potato Salad:


6 cups yellow flesh potatoes, chopped with skin on (about 2.5#)
(1) bunch dill, chopped
(1) red pepper, chopped
(1) 398ml can artichoke hearts (5 each)
(1/2) cup red onion


(1/4) cup good olive oil
(2) tbsp red wine vinegar (add more to taste)
(1-2) tsp sea salt
(1) tbsp good prepared mustard
(1) tbsp sugar (any kind you like – feel free to add more if you use extra vinegar)
Fresh pepper if desired

Start by combining the chopped potatoes in a pot with a little water (about 2 cups). Put them up to boil in the water by bringing to a boil with the lid on. Once boiling, turn the heat to medium-low and cook, covered, for 12-15 minutes, or until pricked easily with a fork. While the potatoes cook, chop dill, pepper, and red onion and add to a large mixing bowl.

Drain your artichokes and cut by first quartering them lengthwise, then cutting the quarters horizontally to get slightly smaller pieces. Add to the bowl along with the other veggies.

Next, combine the dressing ingredients and whisk together until combined (and gorgeous). Is there anyone else out there that gets excited by this stuff? Once the potatoes are soft and ready, drain them in a colander and let sit for a minute or two to cool and shed excess liquid from the boiling process. Transfer the hot spuds to a separate mixing bowl and allow to cool additional 3-4 minutes or so. The reason for this is to get the potatoes to the most optimal temperature for soaking up the dressing. If you add the dressing too soon, the potatoes will soak it up too quickly and the heat can affect the flavour of the dressing. By allowing them to cool only slightly, you get a potato that is still warm (but not too hot).

When the potatoes are only steaming slightly and you can touch them with your hands for a few seconds comfortably (about 3-4 minutes after cooking), add the dressing and mix. Allow the potatoes to sit in the dressing and soak it all up another 5 minutes while they cool a little further. Once they are only slightly warm, toss in the large bowl with the waiting chopped raw veggies and dill. Mix gently to evenly distribute.

Serve as is straight out of the mixing bowl or transfer to a clean serving dish. A gorgeous salad to take to a summer potluck – a totally refreshing and zesty take on traditional cold potato salad, sans mayonnaise or dairy of any kinds! For those who eat eggs, I would serve this salad with classic deviled eggs and a green salad for a perfect summer meal. This is also great as a side to any protein dish.

62 responses to “Lively Yellow Potato Salad

  1. Yes, I agree. The salad is gorgeous!! I love the colors. And the blue bowl! It’s a really pretty post. You’re layouts are always so spiffy. Great mix of textures! I love your eye for detail. Printing out the recipe! I’m mad about potato salad. Thanks, Shira! Theadora

  2. Your photography is amazing! The entire landscape of your blog is so creative and I only wish I were so talented. Love your work! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  3. This looks fantastic! I love potatoes! I made some roasted baby potatoes for dinner the other night and Ive been craving potato salad since, so i can’t wait to give this a try! Lovely colors and photos as always!!!! 🙂

  4. Yay, it’s potato salad time of year again! I was going to make some anyway for tomorrow night with pulled pork sandwiches – your dressing seems similar to mine, but I’ll follow yours to the letter and hope mine looks just as pretty.

    My side of the country was 24C today. Amazing!

  5. This potato salad looks fantastic! I never like mayo-based potato salads- I much prefer fresher tastes and this definitely fits the bill 🙂 So appropriate for spring. Especially the dill!

    My new thing for the week: I dehydrated some soaked nuts and some marinated broccoli! Definitely an adventure. I love my new appliance!

    Favourite was to eat potatoes: I think that honour will always go to mashed potatoes and gravy. Both grandmas would make extra at holidays for me because I would eat at least 2 portions!

    You got me in the mood for spring! Bring on the patios 🙂 Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. So happy you are digging the drying! Once up on a time I actually had several dehydrators, it is pretty fun to imagine all the greatness that can come from them :)!
      Mashed potatoes are super comforting – I am the same as you!
      Have a great weekend girl! xo!

  6. You know i’m all about trying new things lately! This week I also prepared and tried my first pomegranate! Those things are yumm….just like the look of your salad. Potatoes are so comforting to eat

    1. Yes I do! Pomegranates – are FAB! I actually recently learned how to extract the seeds – apparently you should whack the fruit on the counter and the seeds will fall right out? (A chef friend told me this!) The seeds are GREAT in salads too! I hope you like this combo too! xo!

        1. Yes, I think I have heard that one too – good to hear it worked! Though I have to say I love the idea of smashing things 🙂 Maybe I should try boxing?! (hehe)

  7. I think this is your MOST beautiful post yet – all these fabulously colourful pics… I read the post while lying in bed waiting for LM to wake up this morning (pre-market) and it must have been subliminally working its IPOM magic… I came home with potatoes and a lovely looking red wine vinegar. Looks like I may be making potato salad a la Shira this weekend!

    Have a supa-dupa weekend, my friend 🙂

    1. Oh wow, J! I hope you LOVE it! I just made another batch for the weekend…I am jealous of your farmer’s markets – we are still a ways away I think (though maybe closer than I think)!
      LOVE that you love! Have a FAB Saturday my friend!! xo!

  8. It is time indeed.. to get dressed for some summer! though seattle is still in denial that it is almost the end of April already. That is one gorgeous salad. I love my potatoes. I cant imagine what will happen to some indian dishes without potatoes! They pick up the spices and herbs so well.. such a perfect little addition to so many things.

    1. Sooooo true Richa! I was thinking as I wrote this that Indian food would not be what it is (truly delicious!) without potatoes! Vancity is the same as Seattle..we certainly share in that, though it has been an encouraging few weeks here…and the forecast is looking okay! I always LOVE your visits – I hope you are well! Have a great weekend! xo! 🙂

  9. Very fresh, simple… and I love dill. I’ll make this one soon, sit out on my patio, maybe a pinot grigio. Beautiful potato shots 🙂 And “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” just might be making it to my bathroom mirror quote hall of fame 😉 Thank you Shira~

  10. i used to hate potatoes.. to be honest.. i am still not a big fan but my former flatmate used to make an amazing potato salad with greek yoghurt, olive oil and lots of herbs which was just out of this world! ever since I started eating them again in nicoise salads. my recent love is baked sweet potatoes with coconut oil. i love to bake it for around 2 hours until the skin gets sweet and soggy! so tasty!

  11. This looks fantastic! I love potato salad but have never made it myself just enjoyed it at BBQs and picnics. This will be my summer to learn how to make it. 🙂

      1. I made your potato salad tonight and my husband and I had three servings each, it was so good! Thanks for the recipe – I will be making it again and again!

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