On Mason Jars, Sandwiches, and Water

Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.

~ Nelson Mandela

Greetings blogging friends! Is everyone gearing up for another fine few spring days?

I mentioned in my last post that a busy week it has been! A bit of weeknight entertaining and nice weather can do that – and before we know it, the weekend is here – just in time for more sun, and more water guzzling!

Today’s post is a round up of a few of my favorite moments from the week…more little things that add up to this big thing we call LIFE!

We all know how good water is for us – our bodies are made up of 90% of it. Ever added a slice of cucumber to your glass?

So. Refreshing. So. Easy…so if you’ve been lax on your water intake today, go help yourself to a cold glass with or without cucumber!

The day, water, sun, moon, night – I do not have to purchase these things with money.

~ Plautus

This week our long term tenant left us for the adventure of road tripping across our amazing expanse of a country headed for Nova Scotia!

  • Are you road tripping this summer?

She left us with many fond memories, kind words of appreciation, and something else that brings me joy – a whole flat of mason jars!

Yup! Pretty thrilling. And I’m serious – thanks Amanda! (and not just for the mason jars!)

All cleaned up and ready to be filled. So many possibilities! So many great things ahead!

  • What would you put in there?

A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope.

~ Howard Thurman

More ocean views (I swear I am not gloating it’s just that it has been suuuuuuch a long dreary winter!).

The walk/run around the seawall here is dreamy and last weekends was no exception. I made it most of the way without taking pictures, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Could you?

A good meal ought to begin with hunger.

~ French Proverb

Fresh salad staples.

  • What are your favorite salad staples?

Freshly roasted nuts, crazy fresh and crunchy romaine hearts, cukes, tomatoes – the basics! It’s no wonder salads are so popular! :)

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

~ Mark Twain


The reason I can’t be strictly vegan. Also the reason I can’t be totally off bread. (Thankfully I am not seriously allergic or intolerant of either).

A smiling face is half the meal

~ Proverb

When you show up to your favorite lunch haunt (known for the best baguettes in town) and order the ‘veggie’ special (code for whatever your chef friend is inspired to make you), you wait patiently, drink your cucumber water, and look forward eagerly!

I consider it training for Paris. Because well, it kind of is!

  • What is your favorite baguette sandwich?

This one was shaved fennel, Applewood smoked cheddar, lettuce, and walnuts. Divine Simplicity!

Happiness can exist only in acceptance.

~ George Orwell

Lentils! Yes, here they are!

These little guys made me smile this week, and I’ve got them soaking right now as I write this!

I’ve been promising a post about French Lentils…more training for Paris?

  • Have you had these little treasures?

Our necessities never equal our wants.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Finally, with spring now in full bloom, there are so many ways to be inspired out there!

This combo is a heart stopper, and a total feast for the senses. It’s only here for a short time…

  • How are you spending your fine weekend?

I hope you are all gearing up for a wonderful weekend. As for me, I’ll be spending time with family and attempting round two of my latest pizza dough recipe I’ve been trying…

For now, I am off to fix myself a tall glass of water - with cucumber.

  • What’s your fave way to hydrate?
  • Are you diligent about drinking enough water?

I’d love to know! I hope y’all had a great week – here’s to the weekend!

Yours in Less,


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46 Responses to On Mason Jars, Sandwiches, and Water

  1. You are so cute! Love how happy you are about jars, I get the same way! Goo luck with all your recipes and training! One of the best parts about a holiday is the buildup :)

    • Thanks Gabby! I don’t eat sandwiches often, so when I do I really enjoy them! I know it’s pretty geeky the way I get excited about clean jars….
      Can’t help myself! Have a great weekend! xo

  2. You made me feel thirsty! Have a nice weekend! :)

  3. Another beautiful post, Shira! While I’m out on my runs, I usually carry two bottles of water!! Theadora (I’m currently hooked on apple and grape juice. It’s all I think about these days!)

    • Apple and grape juice – mixed together? Sounds awesome! Especially with some bubbly water and ice added to it! Jeez, I think I am thirsty now! Have a great weekend Theadora!

  4. Mmmmm I thinking of those Vietnamese sandwiches right now……hehe! And, I love mason jars! I often drink water, beer, and lemonade from them! Or fill them with colorful M&Ms or something! Speaking of water….need a refill! :)

    • Oh Amy…yes – the Vietnamese sandwiches are pretty popular here amongst my co-workers! Mason jars of all sizes….and yes, best with cold beer! Or M&M’s :) Love it!

  5. Delicious post! =0)
    Veggiewitch ♥

  6. So many great photos – so much on which to comment! C’mon, girl! You’re overloading my senses (in a GOOD way)! Here’s a Paris/sandwich moment for you, from when I was 17. My sister had been living w/ a French family and I went to visit. Madame (as we called her) took us to her country home for the day and she packed a lunch. Baguette w/ thick slices of ham & brie. That was it. Oh my. They were so good I almost could speak French afterwards.

    • Hehe! So happy to!! Your sandwich memory sounds incredible! Crazy after all those years how that stuck with you? I adore stories like that – did you ever pick up French after all?
      Hope you are having a fab weekend!!
      :) xo!

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  8. I keep forgetting about cucumbers in water – ill have to try it again. I remember thinking it was wonderful when I had it at a spa. And we certainly have no shortage of cucumbers in our garden in the summer.

    Love the thought of a code for whatever the chef is inspired to make.. My favourite sandwich at the deli is a grilled red pepper, red onion and pickled hot pepper wrap with cream cheese.

  9. You are making me hungry – Happy Saturday!!!

  10. I just ate a sandwich for lunch: red leaf lettuce, Frog Hollow peach chutney and cheddar cheese on hot sourdough. Salad ingredients depend on what is in season: right now I have have fennel, lettuce leaves, spinach leaves, carrots and tangerines, walnuts, almonds, chives and mint, with the possibility of roasted red peppers and marinated artichokes from the jar. But we don’t eat many salads when it is this chilly.

    • Loving the sound of that sandwich – on hot sourdough (sounds heavenly)! You are inspiring me to get some fennel as I don’t tend to eat it often..I think it is high time I did as I have enjoyed it lately (most recently in this sandwich!) I hope it warms up soon where you are! Have a great weekend!

  11. I enjoy your writing , and the photos are beautiful! I have posted your blog as one of my favorites and I nominated you to the Versatile blogger award. You can read more about it here;http://wholisticme.com/ Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I sincerely appreciate that – thank you SO much! I am thrilled that you enjoy – and CONGRATS on your nomination – I enjoy your blog too! Wonderful! :) xo

  12. I never drink enough water and regularly get pretty wicked headaches.

    I wonder why.

  13. Beautifully written and photographed, as always. Thank you for posting :)

  14. I like to keep a big 1 litre bottle on my desk to remind me to drink…but I can get slack when I’m working. Thanks for the reminder to stay hydrated…hope you’re enjoying your weekend :)

  15. A whole flat of mason jars!? It was your lucky day!! I would have been thrilled. I do try to drink a good amount of water. I used to drink a gallon a day, but have cut back a bit.

    That sandwich looks amazing.

    • Yes – the sandwich was so good! Every once in a while I treat myself :)
      I know, right? Free mason jars. It was just what I needed! Now my spices are all organized perfectly (and I just did a big shop!)
      Thanks for the follow! :) xo

  16. LOVE the sound of the shaved fennel, Applewood smoked cheddar, lettuce, and walnuts. Scrummy! Happy you are happy with your spring weather, S. Sydney is putting on a last autumn heat wave, which is equally fab’. :-) (No need for brollies yet…)

    • Great to hear! I am hoping the family visit was a success?
      Gorgeous sunshine here. Just enjoyed a run in the woods…..well hydrated too of course :)

  17. debbieida

    Your sandwich looks simply yummy! I’ve never had cucumber water, but I think I will try some tomorrow. As for today I drank my water with lemon, lime, and orange slices, then I added a few blackberries for good measure.

  18. Hi there, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! You can find the details here: http://truthletsandthoughtbits.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  19. Shira, Bikram is getting warmer by the day and I skulled 2 L waters in 2 hours. Then a Kombucha. Then more water. I need to get some cucumbers because they do give that extra refreshing kick to water. A staple in my salad is avocado. I just love it. I cannot wait for heirloom tomatoes too. And I’ve been all about bread and butter pickles from Trader Joe’s recently. I really like the purple blooms :) Have fun with pizza dough – let us know how it goes! Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Marina – wow! I simply love your answers – and I can only imagine the water requirements (and know first hand!) for Bikram (I love when you reference it – the heart pitter patters!) — the cucumber is so good! I looked for the olive oil article the other night and no luck (it was the globe and mail) – however a google search yielded some very interesting (and similar) articles! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s :) Enjoy the weekend too!

      • Oh, that reminds me, in our local Trader Joe’s (in LA), their food sampling station would serve water with cucumber and it was so good! You should do a post on olive oil – it could be quite interesting!

        • So awesome! Gosh, I love Trader Joes :) You are right – a post on olive oil would be very good! Must start researching….did you get to any of those articles about the new European regulations? Totally fascinating!! xo!

  20. good luck with that pizza dough! I’m sure you and yeast can figure things out. :-)

    Mason jars are such a lovely gift! you can never have too many of them. No road trip for me this summer, but last spring’s drive from New Orleans to Alaska was long enough to make up for a few years without a long trek! Mmm, lots of great memories though. Hope your weekend was wonderful!

  21. CJ

    I absolutely LOVE water, and it amazes me when other people do not. For instance my mother HATES water…she says she doesn’t “like the taste of it” and therefore it has been my mission in the last couple of years to help her realize one shouldn’t exist on Diet Coke and Crystal Light for all of their liquid intake. The cucumber thing sounds interesting…I have never tried. That photo of the ocean by the way is gorgeous!

    • Thank you! Hating water….oh no! I support you in your mission girl! Keep it up…..you’ve got supporters on your side!
      Love that you loved the ocean! I am a lucky girl :) Cheers!

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